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About Me
Dear Sir,
Let me start by introducing myself. My name is D. Martin. I live at
p o box 3, roselawn, In. 46372. I'm 39 yrs. old and married to a
more than patient wife, Kristine.
I worked for a worldwide corporation (xerox) for over nine years. Always a level 4
employee and in top standings. After several attempts (and years) to clear
up discrimination through management and the corporation they began to
harass and further discriminate against me. Although I had all kinds of
documents that proved discrimination (between you and I) the
evidence (allegedly) was weak and any of my witnesses who worked at the
company would not come forth in fear of their jobs. Daily attacks by my
manager led me to the Emergency Room at St. Francis Hospital for panic
attacks. These actions by the company led to my disability of Major
Depression and Paranoia in January of 1997.Yes, it's over 5 years now and
the symptoms are stronger than ever ,for what happened , was allowed. I was
out of work for three or more weeks and given a letter to return. I was
scared ,as I did (return)and when confronting the "District Manager" (minority) now
,he attacks me by trying to force me to work in the same
conditions around the same people who put me in this predicament(purposely)
in the first place and threatens me to go home without pay until the manager(minority)
comes back several days later(no attempts for a temporary assignment were
made, although I offered to work were I KNEW help was needed). I went home
and was never off disability according to the "case manager" who agreed I
was being discriminated against and that the district manager had no
authority to stop my pay! He was determined to get RID of me and did. I
immediately contacted an attorney after this. EEOC was contacted and a
reported was later given to me which was unbelievable, nothing but
"shuffling" of paper. NO investigation was done, as I've seen on
documentaries and in the paper. Anyway a "Right to sue" letter was given and
we proceeded. This carried on now for years. I was in a pretrial settlement
meeting were a judge was present. He made a comment to me ,"If you think
you're just gonna sit a home..." I was floored. He is supposed to be
non-biased. He was totally out of line, but it is important for me to report
this to you in order for you to understand my position my the end of this
letter! So my lawyer proceeds and depositions continue. After all
depositions are complete my lawyer says we should accept their settlement of
11,500.00 when I paid him over 13,000.00. He says if we don't settle they
may sue us. I said, "you mean me". He said, "YES", and that I would have to
pay for their attorneys fees (that would be phenomenal) and if I didn't have
the money they would put a lien on the house.
Now I'm threatened and forced under duress to sign something of which I have
no recollection. As far as I am concerned i didnt sign anything I would NEVER accept anything less then what other people get when they are discriminated against!!! My mind had been a blank ever since I left his office in
November of 1999 til recently. I HAVE BEEN EXPLOITED! What further backs
that statement is that when I first handed the check over to the attorney It
was promised to me that they would handle this case as if I was their
"son", as I requested, but agreed (maybe they don't feel for their own, but
believe they understood the expression),It was also explained and agreed
that there were no guarantees of winning but led me to believe that a jury
would hear it and I was fine with that. My Attorney told me the Judge overseeing this case said he never wanted to see a "white man" come into his courtroom with a reverse discrimnation case. This made me feel less then human! Then my attorney told me that it
would take three things told make the case,(1) my testimony and evidence,(2)
the companies evidence that they were asked to forward, (3) any witnesses
that I called forth. After, all depositions were complete, as said before, he
now says I have a weak case. So I said to him, You (meaning the attorney) told
me from your lips that no one from the company would testify in fear of
their jobs, so you really couldn't bank on "witnesses", (although,never triesd) You also told me
that the company would not divulge any incriminating evidence, which only
leaves the evidence I have given to you in the first place. It doesn't take
a experienced investigator or scientist to figure out, know what he did. But
he knew! Now after going through all this, not to mention the mental and
physical toll it has placed on me and my wife (who was not compensated one
cent) my doctor says we don't KNOW how you really will feel until after the
"litigation". Well, now I can say for me, that after all that has been done,
after all that has been allowed (just as importantly, if not more) ,I will
remain paranoid for the rest of my life(I could go into the daily symptoms,
but will save that for further conversation ,if need be). I've seen several
Psychiatrists and currently do and have come to the conclusion that the fix
is not in a pill and will never be, for I will always remember what happened
and that to be forced into medication that would destroy my mind would be
out of the question I am paranoid of any mind altering drugs also, and don't
even like taking aspirin. This whole scenario, if documented properly, will
be compared to an automobile accident were the car is totalled and I just
keep repeating the damage, it's not going to change! It's like a Quadrapelegic
and whenever questioned or brought up in conversation, it feels like
someone is taking a lit cigarette and singeing my nubs that are trying to
heal. Once it is understood that this is "Reality" and I find the right
person who will speak on my behalf and step on the rhetoric, will progress
begin. I had an income of 35,000.00 plus a year, company car, etc. and am
seeking to be brought up to the same level with normal increases in mind. I
have found out, after the fact, there was many other departments and
agencies I could've contacted but was not aware but truly believe my
attorney did, and him not telling me leads to suspicion). I'm currently on
Social Security Disability, which is a real sad and truly
unfair, especially for the way it happened, WITH INTENT! It certainly wasn’t a mistake. Now it took several
EVIL people to put me in this predicament and believe it will take At least
one good one to take the time and effort to make it good. I will continue to
reach out to every and anyone until me meager request of the financial
situation is met and equally important, that I'm left alone! If my request is
out of line in any way or any thing else indicated in this letter please feel
free to advise! I believe there may be funds, donations, monies available, and
if not the ability to be made available, just ask the right person.
One other request I thought was appropriate and that is do you think (I do)
that this could be a forum for more stringent laws to govern employers of
how they treat their employees. To be successful in business is not
necessary to behave or be allowed to behave in an inhumane manner,
especially as we head into the new millennium. This is a new age reverse type of slavery. With that I say thank you ever
so much for listening to me and hope to hear from you sooner or later with a
positive response. Sincerely,

Dennis Martin
p o box 3.
Roselawn, , In. 46372

F.Y.I. The case number was 98c4030 held at the Northeastern District
Federal Court of Illinois!
of which there is an alleged settlement..I would never agree upon

please understand, by the way my attorneys', the EEOC and especially the Fedral Government handled this

they won't LET me lead a productive life!  I feel TERRORIZED!!!

please contact me by U. S. mail.. or at
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