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We are dedicated in Helping EDUCATE individuals, so they may NOT become VICTIMS or TAKEN ADVANTAGE of as we where! We are dedicated in helping people and setting an example for others to follow!!!

The Next "BEST SELLER" to be!

a "STELLAR" Biography!

---applying for Disability?

---Harassed/discriminated or injured at work?

---Appealing your Disability claim or under review?

Attending School / College?

Do you Work?

---Under surveillance for an injury and YOUR company/employer is trying to trivialize your claim or damage?...are you scared??

Most people "THINK" they have a good presentation until they are denied Disability or their case in court is thrown out and/or a miniscule amount is paid for damages, then, it may be too late! Find out the many SECRETS to presenting an excellent claim for an INJURY or DISABILITY!!! NOW!!!

go to and order NOW!!!

Identify the ENEMY, before your are financially Crushed! For the professionals you PAY with your hard earned money, may NOT be looking out for your "BEST" interest! In many cases, they will NOT! This will give you the advantage and insight to a better presentation!

You NEED this more then you know!

We welcome you to our web site! Please understand that we are victims ourselves of how Professionals have conducted themselves! When a family brings a legitimate problem to Attorneys, Doctors, the Government and certain organizations who portray themselves to be there for Help, yet seize the opportunity to take advantage of your misfortune and make money! Completely disregarding you and your best interest. Through our experience and decision to make it available, we feel that you will be more than thankful, you stopped by. We feel confident that you will understand the frustration in our delivery and empathize on what we have been through. We are GOOD PEOPLE, looking to be surrounded by GOOD PEOPLE with a mission to help GOOD PEOPLE, in unfortunate circumstances. Donations welcomed to Help support our mission!

We feel you certainly won't find this information anywhere else, for fear of HOW some DOCTORS and ATTORNEYS operate!!! (through our experience and shared stories)

Ask your Doctor or Attorney WHY they choose their profession?....(this is a good legitimate question! ask for proof!...Like they do!) Help people or feed their OWN pocket?....don't think they will tell you the truth if they have ulterior motives...and you WILL find out the HARD way!!!It is simply outrageous what happened to our family, and more so allowed.(for it has been reported to no avail) The information you may be interested in can save people hundreds if not thousands of dollars, in attorneys fees, doctors fees, intentional infliction of emotional duress, headaches, etc.... and possibly lives! We truly believe for every tragedy you have seen in the media where lives have been taken because of an outburst that more than likely was provoked at the work place, had they known of our information and options, many lives would have been saved. That's how powerful our information is!! Hands down! If you or someone you know is being Harassed or hurt badly and need to APPLY for Disability, let them do it right the first time. If you pay for Disability Insurance..You NEED this as well!...We can Help...Here it goes....Save this Ad
Are you being Harassed at Work?
Are you or someone you know Applying for Disability?

Are you being unjustly pushed into early recovery? (due to damages and how they may have been caused or handled!) You may have the upper hand in getting what you deserve.

Through personal experience we are able to offer you our Self-Help info. It is a biography of the trials and tribulations of Harassment and Discrimination.(not to fail to mention other crippling or disabling events) It will reveal the advantages of what to SAY in order to present your case in an undeniable way. It will explain how Disability was APPLIED for and offer information helping you avoid mistakes that can cause unnecessary anxiety and legal expenses. It gives insight when it comes to psychiatric drugs you may be tricked into taking and gives good reason NOT to. This will question the ulterior motive of your doctor! It explains how an attorney can blow your case and you wouldn't even know it, till YOU did it! We feel you will not find such and exceptional report in any one publication, anywhere! write to, P O Box 3, Roselawn, Indiana 46372.... Thanks for your time! We hope that you will be interested, for sooner or later, the way people are TREATED, you or someone you may know will be in need of some sort of advice or something to refer to which will be Helpful. Please understand that what has been learned here cost our family in excess of $400,000.00 in damages and lost wages. This accumulates daily. We feel it would be an injustice to the people in the event we choose not to make this awareness available so that you are better prepared! Our advertising expense is quite costly and we can only hope you empathize and contribute to the cause! People are really not aware, this will broaden your horizon. This will also help you INDENTIFY the ENEMY.
(ENEMY- ANY ONE who does not look out for your "BEST" interest!) After 7 years of sending hundreds of letters asking for assistance and help to Prominent Officials and Authorities, it is FAIR to SAY we tried! It is also FAIR to SAY that these individuals we speak of are like "Alcoholics", they don't THINK they have a problem and as a group, they don't "THINK" they do wrong!

Find out through this Documented Bio!!!!

We have received a Certificate from the United States Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crimes out of Washington, DC.

This has also been nominated for the 2004 (an undisclosed Award due to terms) in Switzerland. This Award is associated with projects that expand and open the eyes of the world, improve the quality of life on the planet or contribute to the betterment of mankind. We are proud that our ongoing project to better inform the people, is associated with such a prestigious Award.

Also received is the honor of a "Certificate of Merit" from the prestigious 2004 Chicago Jefferson Awards Committee. The Chicago Jefferson Awards is a part of the National Jefferson Awards, which was co-founded by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to inspire others to become involved in community and public services.

again call 219-765-5019 ...
or write to PO box 3, Roselawn, In 46372

This also applies if you are under surveillance for an injury.....turn the Tables!!

or people under review for their disability?


Threats, Coercion, Intimidation or any words of this category will never be a positive motivator for good people in a humane society!


Even if you have Legal Representation, this STILL may be an excellent aid for you to present yourself in a better way to them! MORE, can be better for you and your case!

Call soon for there may be a time limit on your claim! 219-765-5019

Book Mark my NEW web address

We feel quite confidant you WILL NOT find this information any where else! Example:..... FACT: "Absolutely NO ONE can TELL you how you FEEL, MENTALLY and/or PHYSICALLY!" When describing your damages or disabilities, (whether they be Physical, Mental or Both) to ANYONE (Doctor, Attorney, Etc.) and someone says, "It's all in your head!", what can be said in return is, "Then WRITE that down TOO!" Make SURE you recap all conversations and what you described as symptoms, problems in writing and send it to all parties involved in your case, "Return Receipt Mail". Telling or saying you did, don't necessarily count! It can and will be said, "HEARSAY"!Ö

It is also FAIR to SAY ....that anyone who condones, pacifies, allows or Associates with people, professionals, authorities or entities who "TREAT" people in this fashion cannot nor will it ever be said, HONORED or HONORABLE!

Remember, when you bring your PROBLEM to most professionals/authorities donít see your problem as a problem, because it is NOT their problem! Find out more ORDER yours Today!

Feel free to Donate or pass the word about our great offer to help the citizens of the United States if not ...around the world!

Remember what ever comes out of your mouth (or you write down, more importantly) WILL dictate your destiny? ...for good or bad, depending which side you are on!
A report just came in about an individual who has had a debilitating problem! He had a chance a few years ago to take an early retirement but his wife argued and he stayed on the job. Just recently he was fired. He missed work and no accommodations where made for his problem! Now unable to work, he has nothing and will be lucky if he winds up with S.S.I. Disability! Had he had this information prior, other disability insurance would have potentially brought him a second or third income in! Do NOT get caught up in his situation! Act NOW and prepare! Maximize your claim & find out the many SECRETS!!!

TESTIMONY...two days after the product was delivered...a phone call came in with great THANKS, acknowledging that the information was working and put to good use! soon and/or Help the CAUSE!

Make Your Generous DONATIONS out to: K. Martin and send them to P o Box 3, Roselawn, Indiana 46372------------------------------------------------------------
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