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WORRIED about your JOB!

Hard Working Americans, High School and College mark this page for you or someone you know will NEED this type of information for the way people are treated and for the benefit of your future! KEEP this in your back pocket!!!! or ORDER it now and KNOW it!


---applying for Disability?

---Harassed/discriminated or injured at work?

---in fear of losing your JOB for ANY reason?

---Appealing your Disability claim or under review?

---Under surveilllance for an injury and YOUR company/employer is trying to trivialize your claim & damage...scared??

take the time to read through the whole AD, it only GETS "BETTER"!

We welcome you to our web site! Please understand that we are victims ourselves of how Professionals conduct themselves! When a family brings a legitimate problem to Attorneys, Doctors, the Government and certain organizations who portray themselves to be there for Help, yet sieze the opportunity to take advantage of your misfortune and make money! Completely disregarding you and your best interest. Through our experience and decision to make it available, we feel that you will be more than thankful, you stopped by. We feel confident that you will understand the frustration in our delivery and empathize on what we have been through. We are GOOD PEOPLE, looking to be surrounded by GOOD PEOPLE with a mission to help GOOD PEOPLE, in unfortunate circumstances.

We feel you certainly won't find this information anywhere else, for fear of HOW some DOCTORS and ATTORNEYS operate!!! (through our experience and shared stories)

Ask your Doctor or Attorney WHY they choose their profession?....(this is a good legitimate question! ask for proof!) Help people or feed their OWN pocket?....don't think they will tell you the truth if they have ulterior motives...and you WILL find out the HARD way!!!It is simply outrageous what happened to our family, and more so allowed.(for it has been reported to no avail) The information you may be interested in can save people hundreds if not thousands of dollars, in attorneys fees, doctors fees, intentional infliction of emotional duress, headaches, etc.... and possibly lives! We truly believe for every tragedy you have seen in the media where lives have been taken because of an outburst that more than likely was provoked at the work place, had they known of our information and options, many lives would have been saved. That's how powerful our information is!! Hands down! If you or someone you know is being Harassed or hurt badly and need to APPLY for Disability, let them do it right the first time.
We can Help...
.....another True story: When we moved from Chicago back in March of 1996, we made friends with a few individuals in our new neighborhood. There was one elderly couple in particular, which SEEMED to be nice. The elder fella was always joking and showing us tricks and games he had made. He seemed cordial, nice and worldy! Until recently when this web site & business ( ) gave birth! He was approached along with his wife at a local pub about the new venture. ( it is also imperative to let you know that he drinks every day a few beers or so. He is retired in his 70's!) But never the less, since he APPEARED to be a nice fellow, he and his wife were addressed about the new business! Then asked to keep it in mind in case they knew of anyone who it could possibly HELP ! This including their own personal friends or family members. But to our dismay, he turned and said, "Screw anyone who don't know what to do!" (he actually used a different word). He said, " If someone doesn't know what to do its there own damn tuff luck!" We were astonished by the reaction of this elderly gentleman who SEEMED to snap! (MAYBE the alcohol had saturated his brain!) It was now apparent that he was not all there or his demeanor had been hidden all along! We certainly feel that as a United States Citizen, we all have some sort of a MORAL obligation to HELP one another out! Our PROOF is in our commitment through the web site! Anyway... as time passes by, we ignore the OLD MAN and latter find out from another one of his acquaintances that he was in the hospital with a heart attack and other major complications which almost took his life! Our first response was, "ARE WE SUPPOSE TO CARE?" Are we suppose to support or have any type of feeling for such an ignorant individual. This old man has NO particular GOOD use for us or our community and in fact, people LIKE him should NOT be able to BREED! In fact, we will take this ideology one step further....recently our governor died! We had contacted every official including him and his department about our problem requesting help and aid to be ignored! AGAIN, this "leach" and all others who call themselves politicians ( of which not all may be bad, but for the sake of this conversation, we'll leave as is to cause "peer" pressure from the good politicians, if they exist, unto the bad ones) have done no good for us except exist off our tax money and WHO KNOWs how much was stolen or bled into his or one of his cronies pockets! Until THEY, POLITICIANS and CORPORATIONS , PROFESSIONALS, LEGISLATURE, JUDICIAL COMMITTEEs and so called agencies and organizations, start taking on RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY will there be a positive change (instead of them blaming the "PEOPLE" for everything or making US pay for it)
One good example:
Chicago news the other day said that the water was contaminated with drugs. Drugs that people flush down the toilet! That was one of the most craziest things they ever reported. Every household would have to flush gobs of medication down the toilet simultaneously for days for that to happen. Oh, there is no doubt that there may be a problem. But in our opinion, they are hiding the REAL problem which is PROBABLY some corporation that the Mayor has a vested interest in, is dumping waste. Since the media works in conjunction with the government, they will say what they feel...and unfortunately...MANY people will buy it!
Some say that Goliath will never be taken down..... First of all...just by saying that is taking a "losers" approach! Once people find it that they have nothing worth living for....Goliath will start to run scared. When these people decide to turn the tables and they go after these crooked politicians, judges, etc. and either, TAKE from them...... or TAKE them with!!!
WE do not advocate violence, but we can not stop people from taking BACK from those who STOLE from them. (and NO ONE really can blame them)
This WILL happen...its just a matter of when!
and when it does.... we can only hope that the police (for as macho as they are) will recognize that they have been played off as the peons who collect money from the working class, FOR the RICH (in frivolous tickets, seat belt laws, etc.) Any one who drives takes a chance…you take a chance when you ride a motorcycle, or ride in a bus or when walking to the bus stop, to be penalized financially is just another means for these great law makers to get into your pocket! Hopefully, thats when the POLICE WILL TURN THEIR HEADS, .........if they wake up and recognize!!!! To SERVE AND PROTECT THE PUBLIC! Not to prey on people! There are a few GOOD POLICEMEN who have risen to that level and truly POLICE the "BAD" criminals only!
Buckle's the law! THAT does NOT mean it's a GOOD one! In fact, GOOD for who? Good for the people who SPEND that money.......... WE FEEL CONFIDENT THAT THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA NEVER AGREED WITH THAT LAW AND WOULD OVERTURN IT IN A HEART BEAT!
They may argue it is for safety! Unarguably...Safety coincides with caring. If there was ANY genuine CARE in our GOVERNMENT, this web site and AD would never came about in the first place!
Some say that we may sound angry.......NO we don't sound angry, that is just someones kind way of being ignorant. In fact, we are not angry ...but disgusted. Not only at what we recognize happening to us and others, but that there are idiots out there who say such things!
all said above is only our opinion, but through many interviews, others feel the same as well..............."the majority"
pass this message along to all fair hard working Americans
sooner or later there WILL be time for elimination
be part of the solution........or part of the PROBLEM!
Another example: You are working for a company who is going out of business. It’s obvious that they are folding because of mishandling of funds and theft. You worked there all your life 20-30 years (and it could be only for 6 months). You dedicated yourself to them. Now, to have it all taken from you! Your pension is vested and you are worried what to do next. Certainly this is becoming so common now, getting a JOB somewhere else is NOT the answer. You then realize you are scared (Paranoid) and Depressed. Those are two serious problems among many symptoms and other related problems that come with these illness’. (be advised that if you say your mad..mad don't count! It's not a problem!)You either have long term disability insurance at work and or you obtain your own personal policy as well. Then because of what your company is doing and because OUR government allows this type of behavior, you make a claim for DAMAGES, as said above. These damages may last a life time! (only if YOU say SO)(no ONE can EVER tell you how you feel!) You may collect from 3-4 different incomes never to work again. BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY DID AND BECAUSE IT IS ALLOWED!

Learn more…secure your financial position today!!!

Why become another victim and patronize a system that will eat you up as they did right here as PROOF!
Act now before its too late! Don't be afraid to help out our campaign...Donations welcome!
Find out more… ORDER yours Today!

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,but because of those who look on and do nothing....... Albert Einstien..."
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